I have been obsessed with animals, dogs in particular, my entire life.  Although I grew up in inner city Melbourne I moved to Gippsland as a young adult where I lived the country dream, breeding horses and dogs. I am currently living in the Ballarat area, no longer breeding horses but still breeding Leonbergers (hence the photo bias on this site - not just my own dogs but those belonging to friends and peers), enjoying the peace and quiet of a rural lifestyle and am still very much involved in the dog and horse world. 

I combine my lifelong obsession with animals with my lifelong love of photography and my acquired patience to capture the personality and beauty of your pet in a (mostly) natural way so that you will have photos that you can treasure forever. As someone who has bred and shown dogs and horses I understand how important it is to be able to showcase your stock. I know what people want to see in an animal and what is appealing to the eye and know how to get your animal’s ‘best side’ so to speak. Likewise, as an animal lover and someone who considers my pets to be my family I understand how important it is to capture your pet’s personality. You want photos that make you smile (even years after they’re gone) because it reminds you so instantly of the quintessential character you love and cherish. And in case you’re concerned that your pet is not well trained enough or too hyperactive or too camera-shy, I have extreme patience when it comes to photographing animals and also have a few tricks up my sleeve. But mostly patience and such a love of animals that I am going to enjoy the time I spend and take as long as it takes to get those special photos for you.

I am available for event bookings (dog shows, horse events etc) or private shoots and I’m regularly travelling to various parts of the state. Contact me to discuss your photographic requirements or desires so I can work out the package to best suit your needs and budget.